Henna cone (natural brown), 20g

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Henna cone, 20g. 
Drawings made with natural henna can be orange, red or brown. However, the color of the drawing depends on the location of the drawing on the body, the drying time and the individual skin reaction. Recommended: Apply a small amount of henna to the skin and check that you do not have an allergic reaction to henna after drying. After drying and removing the paste from the skin, the drawing will be pale orange. Over the next 48 hours, it will intensify and eventually turn reddish brown. It is advisable to avoid water getting on the drawing for the first 12 hours. The pattern on the skin can last from 1 to 3 weeks, depending on the quality of the henna powder, the type of skin, the area on the body where the pattern is applied, and how well the pattern is cared for. Drawing technique: henna is applied to clean, soap-washed skin free of cream or lotion. To better degrease the skin, it can be washed with an alcohol swab before applying the pattern.
Remove the cone cap. Try squeezing the mail onto the paper first. Make sure that the paste flows evenly from the cone, forms a smooth line and is not too liquid or thick. Henna starts to stain your skin right away, so if you make a mistake or the line is broken, you should clean the area immediately. Do this with a damp cotton swab. If you are a beginner, you can first draw a sketch on the skin with a water-based felt-tip pen. This will make the henna drawing process easier and error-free for you. Small fine drawings can be made with a toothpick soaking it in the paste. Once the drawing is complete, allow it to dry thoroughly for at least an hour, but even better if it can be afforded for 6-8 hours. The slower the paste dries and the longer it stays in contact with the skin, the brighter and longer the pattern will be. The dried drawing can be wrapped with polyethylene film and fixed. Another type of fixation - spraying a permanent hairspray that does not contain alcohol, or hair gel. After drying, the remnants of the henna must be removed with a dry cloth and wiped with a cotton swab soaked in lemon juice.
One cone is enough for a drawing of about 10 x 15 cm, but it depends on how thick the line is. Unused cones can be refrigerated for 5 days.
Henna cone (natural brown), 20g

Henna cone (natural brown), 20g

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