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€ 18.90
100% Natural Face Mask (Powdery), 100g Exposure: Cleanses skin and removes dirt, oil and dead skin cells Removes toxins and bacteria from skin pores Reduces pores Helps reduce acne and blemish Heals and restores damaged skin radical damage to skin Skin will be cleansed, ...
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100% natural face mask (powder), 100g


  • Cleans skin un released it no dirt, oils un for the dead leather cells
  • Outputs toxines un bacteria No. leather pores
  • Decrease pores
  • Helps acne and acne blemish reduction
  • Heals un restores damaged skin
  • Anew facial skin
  • Antioxidant limits free radicals damage for skin

The skin will be cleansed, smooth, radiant and healthy.

Ingredients: Solum Fullonum (Fullers Earth), Spirulina platensis Powder *, Emblica Officinalis (amla) *, Matricaria recutita flower Extract * (Kamillenblüten), Laminaria Digitata Powder *, Calendula officinalisflower *

* No controlled organic farms.

Does not contain: parabens, ftalates, surfactants, petrolatum, paraffin, synthetic fragrances, alcohol, palm oil, GMOs, hub animal testing.

Vegan , ICADA certified, Spr honest winner of the prize and 100% natural ingredients from Organic farming.

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