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151 recipes for a delicious life, Inese Dāvidsone *

Vegetable cookbook - A recipe for the delicious life of 151. Author: Inese DāvidsoneIn 216 p. Dishes of different countries, for all tastes and requirements. The wide variety of recipes allows you to use this book for all your meals, ...
Good nutrition, Dr. Torsunov *

Good nutrition, Dr. Torsunov *

DR. Torsunov's vegetarian recipe cookbook. "We are what we eat" - from the Vedic point of view, this is a very fair statement. Here you can add that it is very important - where, when and with ...

Vedic Vegetarian Cuisine *

This is an unusual cookbook; not only does it give recipes for food, it invites you on an exciting journey through the ancient spiritual culture. The book introduces the traditions behind the famous Indian vegetarian cuisine; ...

The Big Book of Yoga*

The richly illustrated guide helps you learn the basics of a good yoga practice and is suitable for both beginners and advanced yoga students. Yoga – for many, this word is associated with peaceful hours spent perfectly...

Vedic Astrology (Latin), Guna Vilk*

Book Vedic Astrology. Contents: What is the karma of the planet Zodiac signs 27 nocturnal 12 houses How does the planet feel? 4 elements Sign nature Planetary nature Planetary periods Planetary aspects Node point Chakras ...

Panchang Calendar Guide*

The handbook is the first work published in Latvian in any branch of Vedic astrology. Although the Panchang Handbook is intended as an explanatory guide for users of the Panchang Calendar, it is in fact intended to be used as a ...
Panchang Calendar 2022 (OM1)*

Panchang Calendar 2022 (OM1)*

Panchang's calendar for 2022! The Panchang calendar is the first calendar published in Latvia on this topic, and for many years it was also the only much-overlooked source of panchang in our country. The calendar is ...

Home Harmony (Vashtu Shastra), latv.val

The third book from the series "The Laws of Happy Life" explains in an exciting way what is mind, reason, senses, happiness, sorrow, heavy and favorable karma. In the book, you will learn in-depth exploration of in-depth understanding ...

9 archetypes in Vedic numerology, Latin

We all want to be happy to be valued and understood. This book is about WHAT I AM IN THE EU AND OTHER THAN THE EU. This book is a practical guide for those ...

Yoga and Sales*

     As I wrote at the beginning of the book, the idea of ​​writing a book was my conscious decision and practicing giving. 2014. in the fall, I was invited to a conference on "Selling Formula" where I told about my experience in selling ....

Dictionary of the New Earth, B.Kranāte *

Author Baiba Kranāte. A book of experience and revelation about life in a time of paradigm shift. Essays - in the form of an activation dictionary. A book of experience and revelation about life in a time of paradigm shift. Essays - activations. Included QR codes, ...

Kamasūtra of Henna Art, Inese Dāvidsone*

Kamasutra teaches the art of enjoying life. You have to learn how to unwind and the painting technique is a great way to let go. Henna's drawings are enigmatic and magical, and the theme chosen by the author allows you to achieve energy ...
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