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Cloth bag City *

Quality yoga mat bag with brightly colored lining. There are two ways to carry the bag - using an extended shoulder strap or two separate handles. The bag is roomy. You can put your own yoga mat, ...

Yoga mat belts *

Suitable for all yoga mats. The yoga mat carrying strap is light and durable. Thanks to the elastic loops, it adapts to any size and type of yoga mat. The belt buckle works on its own - just ...

Yoga mat belts *

Belt for carrying yoga mats. Material: cottonWash max. 30 degrees

Soma Asana Premium *

A great yoga mat bag with a lining, a top pocket and an additional side pocket. Adjustable shoulder strap. The fabric is waterproof. Size: 71cm x 15cm/diameter. (Designed for the following yoga mats: Kailish Premium,...
From € 21.00

Belt for fixing and carrying the yoga mat *

Minimalist version of the yoga mat belt, which allows it to be fixed in a rolled form and is suitable for wearing a mat. Suitable for any size mat. Different colors.

Belts for yoga mats, Ethno *

Yoga mats are lightweight and durable. Thanks to its elastic loops, it adapts to any size rug. The belt buckle works by itself - just place loops around the carpet, gravity does ...

Elastic belt, 1.5mx 15cm *

Elastic belt, 1.5mx 15cm Elastic belt for yoga classes or fitness. This rubber belt allows you to perform a series of exercises that work against the resistance they create. The belt can be reused and ...

EASY bag, waterproof *

Lightweight polyester yoga mat bag with a yoga motif. EASY BAG is made of waterproof polyester, which protects your yoga mat from moisture, dirt and scratches on the go. And it can also ...

Soma Namaste *

Namaste Bag looks like a handbag, but in fact there is more to it. A unique system can attach your yoga mat to it. Just attach your mat with two elastic straps and clips. 2 ...

Backpack (V2) *

A practical yoga backpack with plenty of space for your yoga mat and everything else you need. Two adjustable straps and a back pocket that attaches the mat to the outside of the backpack. Bags and ...

Soma Nataraj*

The Nataraj bag is not only large and stylish, but also practical thanks to its many pockets. It helps keep your things organized. It has two straps so you can attach your ...

Soma Roll'n Go *

The Roll'n Go Yoga Mat Bag is large enough to carry both your mat and personal small items like keys, purse and phone. It can be worn over your shoulder. Size approx. 35.5 ...

Yoga mat bag (Canva) *

Durable textile yoga mat bag. This bag will fit most yoga mats. It can hold yoga mats up to 6 mm thick and up to 70 cm long. There is a compartment on the outside ...

Belt bag, Ethno *

This retro piece from the 90s has regained popularity as before. The belt bags are not only super practical, but now also easy to carry. Thanks to the adjustable strap, the small belt bag can be ...
Backpack* Backpack*


This triangular backpack can be fastened with a yoga mat and you can put together everything you need to do yoga. The bag has several small pockets where you can put together ...
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