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Yoga mat cleaner BIO, 510ml*

Biologically certified yoga mat cleaner. Strong care of naturally occurring active ingredients disinfects the carpet - thereby neutralizing unpleasant bacteria, bad odors and perspiration. In addition, it removes dirt. The spray dries very quickly, ...

Yoga mat cleaner and freshener (Manduka), 237ml*

Yoga Mat Wash & Refresh uses 100% naturally derived ingredients designed to keep your yoga mat smelling fresh and stain free. Designed with twice the efficiency to...

Yoga mat freshener, 50ml*

Yoga mat freshener. Contains eucalyptus, rosemary, peppermint and hazelnut essential oils. Does not contain artificial colors and preservatives. Do not use on natural rubber carpets! Avoid contact with eyes! Volume: 50ml

Yoga mat restorer for natural rubber (Manduka), 237ml*

Natural rubber yoga mat refurbishing uses 100% naturally derived ingredients to maintain the performance of your natural rubber yoga mat. This restorer can be used on any natural rubber yoga mat. Made,...

Yoga mat cleaner Botanical (Manduka), 237ml*

Yoga mat cleaner - Botanical is a completely natural plant-based solution with thymol that thoroughly cleans and kills 99,9% of bacteria and does not require rinsing or wiping after use. Yoga mat cleaners...
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