Edge of 7 stones, Chakra

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The edges of the seven stones / chakras in both Hinduism and Buddhism are used as a reminder to continue to strive for self-realization, understanding and love, and in doing so use the incredible power of the chakra itself. The edge of the chakras provides reasonable, dynamic energy. Balances each of the chakras by arranging them harmoniously with each other. Each chakra has an associated color.
The beads used on the side of the chakra are: carnelian, black agate / ox eye, agate, white agate, red jasper, green jade, yellow agate, amethyst.

Red - Chakra 1: Garnet
Orange  - 2nd Chakra: Carnelian
Yellow – 3rd chakra: Citrine
Green - 4th Chakra: Green Aventurine
Light blue - 5th chakra: Aqua aura
Dark blue - 6th chakra: Lapis lazuli
Violet - 7th Chakra: Amethyst

The balls are separated by decorative beads.

Stone ball size about 6 mm.

Edge of 7 stones, Chakra

Edge of 7 stones, Chakra

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