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Citrine edge - for trouble-free sleep and freedom from fear. Replacement for Yellow Sapphire Jewel. It emits a bright, sunny energy that shines even in the darkest corners and helps you laugh indefinitely. It helps sleep - affects dreams, prevents insomnia, quenches nightmares, tells prophecies. Positive for peace of mind, psychic growth, consciousness, mental energy.
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Citrine edge - for undisturbed sleep and freedom from fear. Substitute for Yellow Sapphire Gemstone. It emits a bright, sunny energy that shines even in the darkest corners and helps to laugh without restriction. It helps sleep - acts on dreams, prevents insomnia, casts out nightmares, predicts. Favorable for peace of mind, mental growth, consciousness, energy of mental abilities. Citrine is also known as a New Age healing agent to stimulate dream processes. Healers use citrine stone to build self-esteem. This applies to its power as a protective tool. Low self-esteem is often the result of insulting someone else's mental or psychic strength and therefore believes that citrine can dissipate this negative energy. Healers believe that Citrine can be used to support personal energy and protect against this type of insult. Believers believe that Citrine has the power to open the inner highest channels and the soul. It brings knowledge of your "I" soul and can provide a stronger understanding of being in this life. This stone is recommended for both men and women who feel that they have lost their will in relationships, business and life. This stone also communicates with survival instincts from the soul to its self. Citrine is also excellent for accumulating and securing the wealth of stone.
The edge is free of knots between the balls.
Total 108 + 1.
The size of the ball is 5 mm
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