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Apple cider vinegar, 6.5%*

Apple cider vinegar in Korea is used instead of brown rice vinegar.Composition: water, alcohol, apple juice concentrate 5.1%, glucose.500ml.Korea.

Eggplant marinade (Ashoka), 575g *

Eggplants in marinade (Brinjal pickle). Net weight: 575g

Brinjal (eggplant) pickle, 312g *

A delicious, sweet pickle of eggplant and spices, known in India as "Brinjal Pickle", the authentic Indian blends taste great in curries. Suitable for naan, pappadum or sandwiches. Perfectly complements warm dishes and also salads ....

Cantonese lemon sauce, 50g*

Cantonese Lemon Sauce No MSG (E 621 - Monosodium Glutamate), preservatives or artificial colors added. Gluten free. Ingredients: Sugar, water, glucose syrup, lactose, brown sugar, lemon vinegar (lemon, salt, citric acid ...

Chhundo Pickle (marinade), 575g *

Chhundo marinade serves as a side dish to the main meal, which consists of Roti, Sabzi and other foods. Net weight: 575g

Chili marinade (Schani pickle), 500g *

Ingredients: Green Chilli 52%, Lime Juice 15,65%, Salt, Sunflower Oil, Cheese, Mustard, Turmeric, Asafoethide, Acetic Acid (E-260). Weight: 500g

Chili, ginger, Szechuan style garlic sauce *

This spice paste combines garlic, red chilli and ginger. The sauce is extremely spicy.One way of preparation: 1 sachet Szechuan Chilli Ginger garlic spice paste 350 g shelled shrimp, 2 ...

Vegetables in marinade (Schani pickle), 500g *

Various vegetables marinated with spices. Ingredients: Mango chunks (26%), lime chunks (20%), carvings (5%), ginger (2%), carrots (5%), chili (7%), salt, ground red chili, cheesecake, sunflower oil , mustard seeds, turmeric, ...

Date paste Bio, 1kg*

Date paste without artificial preservatives, dyes and flavor enhancers. This date paste contains iron, magnesium, vitamins, folic acid and other nutrients. Perfect as a spice for confectionery: cookies, cakes and various ...

Meat curry paste (Rogan Josh) AHG, 50g *

In northern India, Rogan Josh is a popular mixture of herbs for cooking meat. This spicy mixture of herbs tastes best with lamb, but also tastes great with beef. Ingredients: Soybean oil, ...

Garam masala paste (hot), 283g *

For a full, rich and authentic taste, try Patac Garam Masala paste. Made from a mixture of aromatic spices, tomatoes, black pepper and cinnamon. If you are in the mood for spicy food, serve ...

Cashew butter BIO, 250g *

Sophisticated taste and extremely smooth texture - the new cashew butter is here! It is ideal for any breakfast bowl. In addition, you can add it as an additive to your favorite Sunday ...

Indonesian Mee Goreng paste, 50g*

Mee Goreng paste (Indonesian style) Sambal chilli, which is one of the main ingredients of Indonesian cuisine, gives it a slightly pungent taste. Mee Goreng (fried noodles) recipe is one of the most popular Indonesian ...

Ginger paste (minced Ginger), 250ml *

Ginger paste (packing in a glass jar). Ingredients: ginger (82%), water, vegetable oil, salt, acetic acid. Volume: 250ml

Ginger paste, PASCO, 270g *

Ginger will give you food and exoticism. Chilli rating - 1 / gentle Without artificial preservatives, dyes and flavor enhancers. Weight: 270g Ingredients: Ground garlic, modified corn starch, vegetable oil, salt, acetic acid.

Curry paste Ashoka, 300g *

Curry Paste. Packaging: 300g

Curry paste Rogan Josh, PASCO, 270g *

Give new life to your usual stew or curryChilli rating - medium sharp 2No artificial preservatives, colorants and flavor enhancers. Weight: 270gIngredients: Rapeseed oil, coriander, cumin, fennel, chili, paprika, turmeric, sugar, ginger, ...

Garlic paste (Schani), 250ml *

Garlic paste. Ingredients: garlic 91%, vegetable oil, water, salt, citric acid. Volume: 250ml

Garlic and ginger paste, 250ml *

Ginger and Garlic paste. Used as an additive in the preparation of various dishes, such as salads, chutneys, rice dishes or deep-fried dishes. Ingredients: garlic, ginger, sunflower oil, salt Volume: 250ml

Coconut milk powder, 160g *

Coconut cream powder. Ingredients: coconut milk powder 85% (coconut, water); glucose syrup, milk protein, anti-caking agent: E551, acidity regulator: E340. Usage: mix the entire composition of the sachet with 80ml of water (thicker consistency) ....
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