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Where and how to use the Casback card?

When shopping with us at RUDRA store, using a Cashback card is very simple - present your cashback card or a virtual card in your phone application at the time of purchase.

    Here you will get 4% Cashback from the purchase amount and points.

    Using the Cashback card, you pay the full purchase amount at the time of purchase. Your discount is accumulated in your Cashback profile. Use the page to access your profile: https://www.cashbackworld.com/lv


     You can find other partners in Latvia or abroad on the Cashback World website.


    Pay attention and read the company card you are interested in using.

      If the customer you choose has this icon this means that at this company you can get your benefits by presenting a card or virtual card in the application.

          If the selected customer has such an icon this means that at this company you can gain your benefits by buying coupons or a Gift Card in your Cashback profile.
            Important! - This coupon or Gift Card must be purchased before you go to this customer for a service or purchase.

              If there is such an icon this means that this customer can take advantage of online shopping.
                Important! - When shopping online you need to sign up for your Cashback profile and find the company you want. Then, by clicking on the company of your choice, you will see the "Shop Online Now" page. Press the button and make a successful purchase!
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