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Gold or Red Chamomile essential oil is obtained from the shrub and tree flowers of Magnolia in India, Java and the Philippines. These trees bloom in spring with orange, yellow and cream-colored flowers. Gold Champagne is most commonly used in perfume production. It has a light, full-bodied fruity aroma with melon and peppermint freshness notes, ...
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Gold or Red Champ essential oil is obtained in India, the island of Java and the Philippines from the growing flowers of shrubs and trees of the Magnolia family. These trees bloom in spring with orange, yellow and cream flowers. The most widely used Golden Champ is in the creation of perfumes. It has a light, full-bodied fruit aroma with nuances of melon and mint freshness, reminiscent of breezes from neroli, ylang-ylang and tuberose. Gold champ has a middle or heart note aroma. It is also naturally aphrodisiac. The body relieves stress internally, removes emotional pressure and calms the mind. The aroma of Golden Champ is also part of the "Joy" perfume, which was voted the perfume of the century in the Fragrance Foundation FiFi Awards in 2000, ahead of Chanel No.5. It goes well with rose, violet, carnation and sandalwood essential oils. Champ 10% Jojoba oil is used as a good and long-lasting perfume, can be applied to clean skin.
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