Cedarwood essential oil (Saflora), 5ml

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Cedarwood essential oil

Ingredients: juniperus virginiana oil (100% pure organic red cedar essential oil).

Country of origin of raw materials: USA.

Essential oil quality certificates: COSMOS APPROVED "Ecocert raw materials" (ecological and natural cosmetics), IFS 6.0 (food quality and safety), GMP+ B1 (animal feed safety), FSSC 22000 (food product safety), MyClimate (100% sustainability, for the environment neutral production process).

Extraction method: Cedarwood essential oil is extracted by steam distillation from wood shavings of red cedar Juniperus virginiana.

Smell: balsamic, soft, light and fresh woody aroma with a hint of bitter smoke.

The Canadian red cedar is the "tree of life", the aroma of which takes us to a fresh-breathing forest on the slopes of distant majestic mountains. Saturated with specific nuances and notes, sharper than other representatives of the conifer group, the smell of cedar has symbolized abundance, fertility and prosperity since ancient times, and has a strong, revitalizing and rejuvenating character.

In skin care, cedar oil is used as an astringent, increases the production of collagen and elastin in cells, making it an ideal remedy for problematic or mature skin.

This oil is great for treating acne-prone skin thanks to the known effects of cedrol, which reduces redness, skin irritation and itching. Due to its masculine aroma and antiseptic, astringent properties, cedarwood oil is added to men's acne remedies and aftershaves. Cedar oil cleans the skin with acne, tightens the skin, improves its texture.

Cedarwood essential oil is used for oily hair against dandruff and prevents hair loss. Red cedar oil has a high content of cedrol, which has been shown in clinical studies to have a beneficial effect on hair follicles to stimulate hair growth.

Use :

  •  for skin and hair care - mix 5 drops of essential oil with 10-15 g of base (for example, base oil - almond, grape seed, etc.) ✓ for bath - mix 4-7
  • drops of essential oil with 1 tablespoon of milk, honey, sea or table salt, added to a full bath of water. The duration of the procedure is 10-15 minutes.
  • in baths and saunas - add 5-10 drops of cedar essential oil to 500 ml of hot water.
  • essential oils can be vaporized in a vaporizer or aroma lamps.

Contraindications : individual intolerance to cedar oil. Before using essential oils, it is necessary to check whether the inhaled or applied oil will not cause an individual allergic reaction!

Storage: keep cedar essential oil tightly closed, protect from direct sunlight. Cedrol can cause crystals to form when stored or refrigerated for a long time, in which case the bottle of oil should be warmed in your hands and shaken.

Volume: 5ml

Cedarwood essential oil (Saflora), 5ml

Cedarwood essential oil (Saflora), 5ml

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