Cypress (Calendula), 5ml

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INCI: Cupressus Semper Virens

100% pure essential oil
Country of origin: France.

Extraction: distillation from the leaf of the plant

Cypress essential oil is obtained by distillation from the needles of the evergreen tree. Cypress is a common plant in Southern Europe, also in North Africa and North America.

In cosmetics, it is more suitable for oily and problematic skin. Cypress has an astringent effect. It makes the skin firmer. It reduces scar tissue, also caused by acne.

Effects on health, household use: strengthens muscles, nails and gums. Promotes blood circulation and strengthens capillary walls. Promotes lymph flow, reduces cellulite. An excellent remedy for all kinds of spasms - in the respiratory system, abdominal area, muscle pain and cramps, as well as rheumatism pain. helps very well in case of problematic menstruation. Helps against varicose veins. For this purpose, it can be used in combination with clary sage, lemon and geranium. In combination with straw, it will have a great effect on muscle and joint pain.

Energetic effect. Cypress essential oil has a very deep energetic effect. The light evergreen scent of cypress creates a sense of security and stability. At the same time, the ability of cypress to promote blood circulation and the movement of pranic energy makes a difference in real life. Cypress's basic task at the subtle level is to help initiate and accept complex internal and external changes as well. 

Use: put 2-4 drops in water in an aroma lamp or on an aroma stone, napkin, cone, wood or unburnt clay so that the aroma can spread in the room. Add 3-5 drops of vegetable oil or sweet cream to the bath. In rooms where there are small children and infants, take 1/2 smaller doses and observe the child's reaction.

Warnings: in its pure form, corrosive and irritating, in contact with the skin, allergies, skin burns and redness may occur. Do not exceed recommended doses. Do not use orally.

Storage: store in the original packaging, tightly closed, in a dark, cool place, out of the reach of children. 

Volume: 5ml

Cypress (Calendula), 5ml

Cypress (Calendula), 5ml

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