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NoseBuddy canister volume - 500 ml. The spout of the can is longer than other cans, so it facilitates the nasal rinsing procedure. Made in Sweden - Scandinavian Yoga and Meditation School. The canister comes with a spoon for accurate salt determination. There is a sign on the can to which the water must be poured. This procedure is recommended ...
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NoseBuddy canister volume - 500 ml. The canister spout is longer than other canisters, making it easier to rinse your nose.

Made in: Sweden - Scandinavian Yoga and Meditation School.

The canister comes with a spoon for accurate salt determination. There is a mark on the can to fill the water.

This procedure is recommended not only as a daily ritual, but also in cases of acute and chronic LOR diseases, rhinitis of various etiologies (viral, bacterial, allergic) and headaches, when memory and attention are impaired, and during physical and mental fatigue. This procedure improves nasal breathing, gives the body a power surge, and is an effective procedure for influenza, ARS and common colds.

Rinse nose:
Pour warm boiled water into a jug, add 500 teaspoon of sea salt to each 1ml water. Stir well until the salt is completely dissolved. The reconstituted solution should contain saline tears, if there is a burning sensation or other discomfort during rinsing, too much or too little salt is added to the solution or the water is too hot.
Stand over the bathtub or over the sink, feet shoulder-width apart, head and back parallel to the floor, carefully insert the nozzle into your right nostril and turn your head to the right in line with your shoulder. Slowly drain the liquid, mouth open, breathing calmly through mouth. The water should start flowing out through the other nostril, if it starts to drain into the mouth, it should not be down tomorrow, but just turn your head more to the shoulder.

Once one nostril has been flushed, blow your nose by making an 20-30 rapid exhalation and inhalation through your nose, tilting your head to different sides. Put the kettle tip in the other nostril and repeat the procedure
At the end of the procedure, blow your nose again by taking a quick exhale and inhalation of the 20-30, with the head tilted to different sides.
For maximum effect from this procedure, apply a few drops of Ayurvedic nasal oil in your nose after 10-15 minutes.
It is not recommended to do this procedure before going out in the fall and winter.
The rinsing procedure is recommended daily for adults and children.
As with other hygiene items, this canister must be individually for each member of the family.

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