Goji berries (category - 380/50) BIO, 250g

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Important! Deep berries fall into several quality categories. The category of given deer berries is about 280 berries per 50g.
The less the number of berries per 50g, the higher the berries will be bigger and more valuable.

Goji, Wolfberries, Lycia or Tibetan Barberry are the names of the wonderful Tibetan plant. The deer are a night shrub that grows to a height of 3 m. It is also found in China and Mongolia, as well as in Russia (Siberia).

In the East, the miraculous healing properties of the Godzi berries were known many thousands of years ago. In records dating back to the 650 year BC, Tibetan barberry berries are mentioned as being able to rejuvenate and purify blood. Known for its deep and strong healing knowledge, Tibetan monasteries were considered a herb that provides active, healthy and long-lasting health, as well as a remedy for thousands of diseases.

Berries have anti-viral and anti-collapse properties and at the same time are potent antioxidants. They remove toxins from the body, cleanse the blood, improve kidney function and strengthen the lungs. Beneficial to blood formation and nervous system.

Goji berries gained their popularity due to the unique polysaccharide content of 4 (LBP-1, LBP-2, LBP-3, LBP-4), which are not found together in any other food. Polysaccharides are complex carbohydrates. They serve as the main source of energy generated by metabolism. These polysaccharides have tremendous biological activity: antibiotic, antiviral, antipathetic, and have antidote properties.

In addition to polysaccharides, Godzi also contains the mineral 21 and the amino acids 18, of which eight are irreplaceable (ie, the human body is unable to synthesize them and must therefore be ingested). In this way, berries become a valuable source of protein - its content can reach 11,7%. Vitamin B1, B2, B6 and E are high. Vitamin C In deer berries is 500 times more than in oranges, but iron - 15 times more than spinach and beta-carotene in these berries more than in carrots. There is no other such plant in the world.

Thanks to the molecular bonds in the substances contained in Goji berries, their overall nutritional value is very high. Human polysaccharide cells function in a balanced manner and all defense mechanisms are involved in joint action.

In Eastern medicine, Goji berries are recommended for anemia, back pain, visual impairment and diabetes as well as for improving the condition of the spinal cord and lymph nodes, nasal and almond diseases, as a strengthening and anti-stress agent for whole body rejuvenation purposes. Greedy berries lower blood sugar and cholesterol, stabilize pressure, regulate heart and brain function.

Greedy berries in all forms increase the release of interferon-gamma (a substance that is able to stop the growth of cancerous bumps). In addition, Goji berries contain compounds that block DNA replication in cancer cells. In this way, the prevention of spasms, the side effects of leveling the effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, and as an adjunct to oncological therapy, Deep berries can bring invaluable benefits to the patient.

The easiest way to use berries is to use them dry. Daily rate - approximately 10-15 gr. On the outside, the berries are very similar to raisins - they can also be used dried, with the addition of yogurts, salads, topping and sauces. It is also possible to make juice and healing tinctures from them.

Weight: 250g
Goji berries (category - 380/50) BIO, 250g

Goji berries (category - 380/50) BIO, 250g

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