Bracelet neck, 70 pcs

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By sucking on YOGI Kanthika dragees, the health-promoting plant juices absorb the throat muscles and soothe all kinds of throat irritation, pain and inflammation.

Usage: YOGI Kanthika Plus dragees can be used at any time of day as a supplement to other medicines. The effect of improving health can be observed after 1-2


Licorice (ind.Mulethi) (lat.Giycyrrhiza glabra) is a basic component and represents 72% of YOGI Kanthika Plus dragee composition. It provides relief from sore throat in case of cough or hoarseness. It acts as an anti-inflammatory agent in case of inflammation of the throat and palate (angina, tonsillitis), as well as refreshes the breath.

Ginger 10%. (ind.Sunth) (lat.Zinziber officinale) removes inflammation, pain and swelling in the throat, coughs up and removes spasms associated with severe cough.
It is also effective for allergies that can be caused by respiratory diseases such as. asthma, bronchitis, treatment.

Nutmeg 4,5% (ind. Jaiphal) (lat.Myristica fragrans) cleanses the throat from sputum, improves vocal clarity and refreshes breath

Tulsi or Holy Basil (ind. Tulasi) (Lat. Ocimum sanctum) provides relief from cough and acts as an oral disinfectant. Its antibacterial properties prevent the development of respiratory infections.

Kubeb or Java pepper 2,0% (ind. Shitalchini) (Lat. Piper cubeba) provides relief for sinusitis and prevents nasal congestion.

Clove tree oil 2,0% (ind. Lavang Tel) (lat.Syzygium aromaticum) relieves cough and reduces neck irritation, breath freshening.

Peppermint 2,0% (ind. Pudina Tel) (lat.Mentha piperata) helps in bacterial asthma, refreshes the mouth with peppermint scent.

Camparock 2,0% (ind. Kapoor) (lat. Cinnamomum camphora) removes cough pain and discomfort

Arabic acacia 2,0% (ind. Babool ki goond) (Lat. Acacia Arabica) soothes inflamed throat membranes, relieves cough

Cardamom 0,5% (ind.Elaichi) (lat.Eiettaria cardamomum) helps with dry and damp cough,

The suctioning of each grain produces a soothing and painful effect on the throat.

Dosage: For children from 5 to 12 years: 1-2 dragees should be vacuumed 5-6 times daily.
Adults and children older than 12 years: 2-3 drunk suck 5-6 times a day.
Pregnant women: Not recommended during the first trimester of pregnancy.

Bracelet neck, 70 pcs

Bracelet neck, 70 pcs

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