Painted calcite (imitation turquoise)*

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Metaphysically, turquoise is seen as a bridge between heaven and earth, grounding us while leaving us open to the spirit. Increases intuition and communication between the physical and spiritual levels. Turquoise is also a protective stone, dispels negative energies, balances and aligns all chakras. It helps to stop talking in time (before exhaustion) and take action. Calms the nerves and helps to overcome the fear of public speaking.

It is believed that when the wearer of the stone falls ill, it changes color (becomes darker or greenish). Physically helps against headaches, migraines and eye diseases. Accelerates healing processes. Reduces weakness, depression, insomnia, and prevents panic attacks. Promotes tissue regeneration, strengthens the immune system, relieves pain and cramps, cleans the lungs, has an anti-inflammatory and detoxifying effect.

Promotes growth and muscle strength. Favorably affects the vocal cords and thyroid gland.

The edge consists of 108 + 1 balls.

Ball size approx. 6 mm.

Painted calcite (imitation turquoise)*

Painted calcite (imitation turquoise)*

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