Crystal singing bowl (tone: A; (6); Ø25cm) *

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Tone A, for the sixth chakra.


The pure tones of the crystal bowls create a vibrating sound field that resonates with the body's energy centers (chakras) and corresponding physical zones. Crystal bowls act directly on the chakras, promoting balance and higher consciousness, as well as healing.

Because each chakra is vibrational and resonates at different frequencies, singing bowls are used for these purposes. The modern Western music system is basically based on sounds that coincide with what the ancients called "World Harmonies". There was a common understanding that different frequencies, harmonies could provide different healing properties, as well as have the opposite effect.

Eastern medicine believes that the cause of the disease is blocked energy flow. The sounds of Tibetan singing bowls unblock the energy channels, and as a result the life energy flows freely through the channels and the person again feels healthy and happy.

Our crystal singing bowls are made of almost 100% pure quartz crystal, a naturally occurring element. The crystal is heated to 2200 degrees Celsius and comes in a mold. Because our bodies are also formed by a crystalline structure, using quartz crystal singing bowls for healing and meditation, we are able to respond more quickly and more favorably to sound as therapy. Therefore, crystals are a key element in many different holistic medical treatment practices.
CAUTION: in no way are any of the stated therapeutic properties intended to replace diagnosis or treatment by a qualified therapist or physician.


NEVER do not use wooden sticks to play on crystal bowls.

NEVER do not put your head inside the bowl and do not ring the bowl.

CAUTION: do not play the bowl itself at its maximum volume so that it does not crack its own vibration, or play loudly near the human head.

CAUTION: if you have multiple crystal bowls, keep at least 30 cm apart so that the sound vibration of the bowl does not damage the other bowl.

HOW TO USE: always place the bowl on the base of the rubber ring for stability, maximum effect of sound and vibration. The sound of the bowl can EASY pulling with a silicone or leather stick on the outer edge of the bowl. Use different angles and speeds to get a sound change.

NEVER Don't hit the stick along the side of the critical bowl.

These crystal bowls are made of quartz crystal powder, which is formed at thousands of degrees to get the shape.

CLEANING: you can clean the crystal bowl with distilled water with a little natural detergent. NO do not use bleach or other dry cleaners. Lightly wash with a soft cloth. You can use warm air from the hairdryer when drying.

CAUTION: long-lasting crystal bowls can be cracked, so there is no warranty period for these bowls.

CAUTION: Use appropriate carrying bags for transportation.  

Crystal singing bowl (tone: A; (6); Ø25cm) *

Crystal singing bowl (tone: A; (6); Ø25cm) *

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