Chamomile - Roman 10% jojoba oil (Calendula), 5ml

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Chamomile - Roman 10% cold pressed jojoba oil

INCI: Anthemis noblis, Simmondsia Chinensis

Country of origin: Italy

Roman chamomile has a mildly sweet scent. It is obtained from the flowers of the plant. This essential oil is widely used in cosmetic products due to its healing and soothing effects. It will have a calming effect on both physical and emotional levels.

In cosmetics, Roman chamomile essential oil is suitable for all skin types. Due to its strong anti-inflammatory effect, chamomile is most often used for sensitive skin, prone to inflammation. Roman chamomile is also used in cases of allergic skin and various types of skin eczema. During the hay fever season, Roman chamomile will make breathing easier due to its anti-allergenic effect and ability to neutralize skin irritants. 

Roman chamomile improves general well-being, has a positive effect on children's psyche, as it has a calming and internally invigorating effect. Has a strong effect on the sixth energy center, creating a feeling of spaciousness and lightness.

Roman chamomile essential oil in 10% jojoba oil can be used in its pure form, applied to the skin, both as a perfume and as an additive to other natural cosmetics. 

If you are allergic to cornflowers - chrysanthemums, daisies, calendula, etc. - chamomile essential oil is not recommended.

Volume: 5 ml

Chamomile - Roman 10% jojoba oil (Calendula), 5ml

Chamomile - Roman 10% jojoba oil (Calendula), 5ml

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