Quinoa BIO, 250g (recommended until: 31.05.2024)

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Quinoa resembles millet, it is not a cereal, but belongs to the family of buckwheat. Quinoa is valued worldwide for its rich nutrients. Quinoa can be a very good alternative if you give up flour products. It does not contain gluten. Quinoa contains all the essential amino acids, thus serving as an excellent source of complete protein for vegans and vegetarians, as well as for athletes and those who follow a healthy lifestyle. Quinoa is an excellent source of calcium, iron, copper, manganese, magnesium, phosphorus and other minerals, and contains various vitamins. Quinoa is attributed such properties as: useful for weight loss, bone, brain, skin and blood vessel health, reduces blood pressure and breast cancer risk, treats diabetes and migraines, improves the functioning of the digestive system, etc.

It is recommended to rinse or even soak a little in cold water before cooking. It should be boiled for about 20 minutes until the seeds become slightly transparent and are no longer hard.

Quinoa has the ability to enhance the flavor of what is added to it. Similarly, salt and other spices should be added very little.

This miracle product is used - from soups and salads, side dishes to desserts.

Weight: 250 y

Hot quinoa salad.

For one serving you will need: a handful or more of quinoa seeds lemon for soaking and cooking water leeks, carrots and other vegetables of your choice (broccoli, green beans) garlic lightly toasted seeds of your choice (pumpkin, sunflower, sesame) coconut oil.
Spices: cumin, garam masala, Himalayan salt. Preparation: It is recommended to pre-soak the quinoa seeds in water with a tablespoon of lemon juice for about 4 hours. This will help improve the bioavailability of nutrients and reduce cooking time.

Boil the quinoa in water with a pinch of salt so that the water covers it about 1cm above the quinoa. Meanwhile, chop the leek, cut the carrots into smaller slices. Heat the fats in a pan, when they are heated add spices and chopped garlic. Bake until the aroma of the spice mixture appears. Fry the leek in spices, when it starts to brown, add a little salt, mix. Add a couple of spoons of leek to the quinoa, as well as the biggest pieces of carrots, mix. The small slices of carrots are placed next to the leek, fried, and a little more salt is added. When the water from cooking the quinoa is absorbed and evaporated, add the fried vegetables, optional black pepper, roasted seeds, ground seaweed, or anything else of your choice, stir and serve.

Enjoy your meal!

Quinoa BIO, 250g (recommended until: 31.05.2024)

Quinoa BIO, 250g (recommended until: 31.05.2024)

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