Labradorite rim (no nodules)

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Labradorite - awakens mystical and magical abilities, as well as psychic powers. It protects the aura and cleans it of its negatives, closes it to prevent energy leakage. If you are "exhausted" it will give you energy. Placed on the neck chakra, promotes better communication skills. With Labradorite, you can discover your dormant abilities and develop them, such as intuition. As you open the crown chakra and come in direct contact with the Divine Intelligence, you will begin to realize that you are receiving direct messages from the spirit. Labradorite lets you understand your destiny, the path you took before you got here on earth. It helps to establish contact with beings from other dimensions. Advocates for secret and hidden cognition, such as cosmic law.

The Labradorite is considered to represent the "Temple of Stars". It brings light from other planetary beings to the soul of the user. The stone of transformation. A good stone for improving night vision and developing the ability to see auras. Increases sensitivity and can stimulate reminiscence, clairvoyance or other abilities. Activates different levels of consciousness. Protects the wearer from any adverse effects. Labradorite - Protects housing and money, builds endurance. A powerful stone that helps you see more clearly, understand your dreams and goals. Stimulates imagination and enthusiasm, helps generate new ideas.

The edge consists of 108 + 1 balls.
There are no knots between the balls.
The size of the ball is about 6 mm.

Labradorite rim (no nodules)

Labradorite rim (no nodules)

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