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Literally translated as "great formula for good eyesight", mahasudarshan is a refreshing and bitter powder from various herbs that has a beneficial effect on the eyes by cooling, cleansing and effectively removing excess pittos (a fire element) from the body that causes various eye inflammations. Mahasudarshan Herbal Formula Supports Immune System Through Detoxification Of Fever Or Flu ...
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Literally, mahasudarshan means "great formula for good eyesight", this powder of various herbs is chilling and bitter, which has a beneficial effect on the eyes,
by cooling, purifying them and effectively removing excess pitta (fire element), which is a trigger for various eye inflammations. Mahasudarshan herbal formula supports the immune system through detoxification during fever or flu.

The composition: Kaleeyaka (Santalum Album), Turmeric, Deodar, Acorus, Cyperus rotundus, Hareetaki, Dualabha, Karkatashrungi, Kantakari, Ginger, Trayamana, Parpata, Neem, Long pepper root, Balaka, Shati, Pushkaramoola, Long pepper, Murva, Researcher, Licorice Drumstick seeds, Kutaya seeds, Asparagus, Daruharidra, Rakta Chandana, Padmaka, Sarala, Usheera, Cinnamon, Saurashtra, Shalaparni, Ajowan, Ativisha,, black pepper, Tejapatra, Amla, Giloya, Kutki, Chitraka, ucaugi.

• reduce fever and high temperature;
• Suitable for use in influenza and as a prophylaxis during influenza.
• helps burn toxins during flu and fever;
• has a beneficial effect on the eyes;
• supports the proper functioning of the liver and lymphatic system during influenza and fever;
• improves digestive function.

Exposure to dosha: V + (if out of balance); P-; K-

Use: ½ -1 tsp drinking warm water once or twice a day with meals.
In some cases (pregnancy, breastfeeding, severe illness), it is advisable to consult a specialist for dosage.

Attention! Plant powder is not a substitute for a wholesome and balanced diet and is not considered as a medicine. Keep in a dry, dark and out of reach of children.

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