Home Harmony (Vashtu Shastra), latv.val

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The third book from the series "Laws of a Happy Life" explains in an exciting way what the mind, intelligence, senses, happiness, sorrow, heavy and favorable karma are. In the book, you will get acquainted with a detailed, deep understanding of the meaning of human life. In the Vedas, the place where we live is considered not only the inhabited place where our home is, but also our body, our mind, our intelligence, our senses and our egoism. On the other hand, by the place where we live, the Vedas understand our entire universe. Depending on our beliefs, interests and desires, we get the body and residence that we have earned. In this way, our fate and life are arranged, not as a result of some random coincidence of circumstances, but completely naturally. All the events that happen to us now have a cause, an action done in this or a previous life. However, no matter what fate has prepared for us, knowledge of the laws of a happy life still gives us the opportunity to be happy.
Home Harmony (Vashtu Shastra), latv.val

Home Harmony (Vashtu Shastra), latv.val

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