Tongue cleaner, copper

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Copper tongue cleaner for daily hygiene.

Ayurveda - Ancient Indian science of healthy living - pays great attention to tongue hygiene. Just like brushing your teeth, daily cleaning your tongue removes the toxic deposits known as Ama. According to Ayurveda, pure tongue is the key to oral health. Food residues, bacterial plaque, toxins and fungal colonies on the tongue are the cause of many oral problems and health problems in general. It is a favorable environment for microorganisms that cause inflammatory processes in the oral cavity (caries, periodontal disease, stomatitis) and poison the body (stomach, intestines). In addition, the bacteria rot, releasing volatile sulfur compounds, which cause bad breath.

Modern oral hygiene specialists agree that you should also brush your tongue at the same time as brushing your teeth every day. Regular tongue cleaning helps:

• get rid of the huge number of disease-causing microbes that cause various oral diseases (caries, periodontal disease, stomatitis);

• get rid of unpleasant odors;

• activating and stimulating the function of internal organs by massaging the active points and receptors of the tongue, thus improving general well-being;

• a clean tongue helps to more fully experience flavors that plaque on the tongue prevents from feeling.

You will discover new nuances of taste, and no matter how strange it may seem, you will start eating less. According to Ayurveda, the need for food not only satisfies the sense of hunger, but also the consciousness with the sense of taste. When the sense of taste is dulled, it leads to overeating and excess weight.

Cleaning technique Stick out and tense your tongue as much as possible, as if you want to reach your chin with it. Hold the tongue cleaner with both hands and clean from the root to the tip, "by the hair", do it with soft, slow movements. Do not press too hard so as not to injure the taste buds. To avoid discomfort, try not to touch the root of the tongue. Brush until there is no plaque on the tongue cleaner.

The tongue should be brushed twice a day, just like the teeth. It is especially important to clean the tongue in the evening, before going to bed, because food residues on the tongue break down rapidly during the night. When you see what's left on the tongue cleaner, you'll immediately understand why you need to brush more than just your teeth.

Tongue cleaner, copper

Tongue cleaner, copper

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