Black rice BIO, 500g (recommended until: 30.06.2024)

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After cooking, black rice takes on a dark purple hue. Taste - nutty with a soft texture. Compared to other rice, it is rich in protein, amino acids and vitamins.

Preparation: One part rice and two parts water. Before cooking, wash the rice and preferably soak the rice overnight before cooking. After the rice begins to boil, put the lid on, reduce the cooking temperature and continue to cook for 20 - 35 minutes until the water has been absorbed into the rice. Then remove from the stove and let the rice soak for about 15 minutes without stirring. Then gently stir the rice with a fork and you can serve. Black rice will be difficult to cook in rice steamers.

Country of origin: Vietnam

Weight: 500g

Black rice BIO, 500g (recommended until: 30.06.2024)

Black rice BIO, 500g (recommended until: 30.06.2024)

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