Onyx edge (knot free)

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Onyx is a type of agate - a translucent stone.

Onyx helps neutralize stress, regain emotional balance and self-control. It is used in cases of depression, insomnia, nervous system and heart diseases. Relieves pain, reduces inflammation, increases potency, improves hearing, restores and strengthens memory. A stone of leaders and fighters, as it gives power over others. Strengthens mentally, increases family happiness, helps to get rid of indecisiveness, uncertainty, shyness and suspiciousness. In India, it is considered a symbol of good luck, because it has the ability to absorb excess energy and, by concentrating bio-energy in itself, remove diseases, soothe and provide harmony. Onyx relieves pain when placed on an inflamed area. Banded, striated onyxes have been used to relieve pain by holding the stone on the painful area. For example, it can be placed on the stomach during colic. Wearing onyx develops leadership skills in the wearer. Not recommended for wearing with chrysolite, chrysoprase, ruby ​​and aventurine.

Ball size approx: 6mm.
Total 108 + 1.
There are no knots between the balls.

Onyx edge (knot free)

Onyx edge (knot free)

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