Oud Ruby incense sticks, 15g

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Oud (Arabic for "oudh") is an extremely rare and valuable oil found in agarwood, a resinous tree from Southeast Asia. One of the most expensive fragrance ingredients in the world, often referred to as "liquid gold". It is a very aromatic and "complex" scent. Warm sweetness mixed with notes of wood smoke, animals (musk) and balsamic. Praised for centuries in the Middle East, especially where smoke has been used during rich beauty rituals.
100% natural and harmless to health.

Usage: put the incense stick in the incense holder. Ignite the end of the stick. When the flame is on for a few seconds, blow it out.

Attention: can only be used for room aroma. Keep out of the reach of children and animals. Ignite only away from flammable substances and materials. Never leave burning unattended. Make sure that all the ashes fall into a fire-safe container. Use incense in well-ventilated areas.

Country of origin: India

With a packing: 15g

Oud Ruby incense sticks, 15g

Oud Ruby incense sticks, 15g

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