Panchang Calendar Guide*

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The handbook is the first work published in Latvian in one of the branches of Vedic astrology. Although the Panchanga Manual is intended as an explanatory material for users of the Panchanga Calendar, it can actually be used as a muhurta (optional astrology) learning tool. The manual consists of two parts: 1. The Muhurta and Panchanga Calendar (which is a brief introduction to the muhurta and the Calendar). 2. Calendar positions (expanded discussion of each Calendar position). Contents of the manual: The most important thing about muhurt. General about the panchang calendar. Translation of muhurt. Classic doshas of muhurt and their neutralization II. PART. Calendar items • The most important terms and abbreviations. • Time zone. •Rashi Chakra and Beginning of the Day •Grahas. Lagna. •An in-depth transcript of the Rashi Chakra. •Grahu gochara or transit. •Copper or day. • Chorus. • Tithi. •Tithi kshan. •Karana. •Nadi and Swara. •Chandra yoga. •Nakshatras. •Vara-Tithi-Nakshatra combinations. •Chandra Rashi. •Tarabala. •Special periods and degrees. Abhijit muhurta, Brahma muhurta and Kalas. Mrityu bhaga and Pushkar. • Additional information area. •Summary of positions
Panchang Calendar Guide*

Panchang Calendar Guide*

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