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Persian Blue Salt, 200g Ayurveda: Persian Blue Salt does not lift Pitt. Persian blue salt is obtained in northern Iran and is one of the most unusual, rarely known types of salt in the world due to its unique color resulting from the formation of salt crystal structure (by pressure) and its low sylvite (potassium chloride) content. Blue ...
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Persian blue salt, 200g Ayurveda: Persian blue salt does not raise Pittu. Persian blue salt is found in northern Iran and is one of the most unusual, lesser-known types of salt in the world, due to its unique color due to the formation of the salt crystal structure (pressure) and the low content of Sylvite or potassium chloride. The blue hue is the result of optical illusions. The finer the salt is ground, the less it reflects the blue color. Interestingly, the taste of salt is initially very salty, but after a while the strong taste disappears, leaving a mild and pleasant aftertaste. Cooking experts recognize that Persian blue salt is an absolute necessity in any good kitchen. Salt will improve and add flavor to virtually any dish, but in general, Persian blue salt is considered a dessert salt. Persian blue salt will give a great visual effect if you sprinkle it over freshly prepared food, leaving the salt crystals uncrushed. We recommend adding this salt to freshly prepared seafood, as well as a variety of vegetable and meat dishes, and do not be afraid to experiment with it by adding different desserts (such as ice cream with caramel sauce). 100 g of Persian blue salt contains: 85,8 g of sodium chloride (including 29 g of sodium and 56,8 g of chlorine); The amount of sulfur is not specified; 0,097 g calcium; 0,028 g of magnesium; 13 g of potassium and other macro - and trace elements. Place of production: Iran. It is recommended to store in a dry and dark place. Weight: 200g
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