Ragi flour (Indian millet), 1kg (Recommended until: 06.12.2023)

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Horns (Indian millet) are a staple food for many people living in very arid places in India and Sri Lanka. Horns contain more protein, fat and minerals than rice or any other grain. It has six times more fiber than brown rice. Horns are recommended for both children and adults with a tense rhythm of life, who do not have the opportunity to have high-quality and regular meals. Recommended for athletes, the disabled, diabetics, the elderly and the elderly. This Indian millet is also used in weight loss programs. Gluten-free, can be used instead of breakfast as a vitamin cocktail or mixed with porridge. The drink is made from Ragi (Indian millet), cinnamon and cardamom. Recommended for pregnant and nursing mothers as an additive to basic foods.

Preparation: 2 tablespoons horns pour into a pot and pour a cup of milk or water. Soy milk can also be used. Bring to a boil and then turn off immediately. If necessary, add a teaspoon of Gie, unrefined cane sugar (jaggery, goor) or honey. You can make Chapati (Naan) bread.

Net mass: 1kg

Ragi flour (Indian millet), 1kg (Recommended until: 06.12.2023)

Ragi flour (Indian millet), 1kg (Recommended until: 06.12.2023)

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