Relax tea (Calming tea) BIO

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Calming tea has proven its traditional formula in Ayurveda over time to relieve stress and tension. Known for its mild taste and chamomile extract, which has been used for centuries to help balance the mind and body. This recipe includes linden flowers, fennel, cardamom, alfalfa, and additional herbs. Calming tea will help you stay calm throughout the day and is also great for children. Yoga: Relaxing breathing. Sit cross-legged or on a chair with a straight back and feet on the ground. Close the right nostril with the index finger of the right hand and breathe deeply and slowly through the left nostril. The left hand is relaxed and placed on your lap. Keep your eyes closed. Continue this type of breathing for 1-5 minutes. Practice this pranayam to calm down. Usage: To fully enjoy the tea, you need to pour 300ml of freshly boiled water on one tea bag. Allow to steep for 7 minutes, or longer for a stronger taste. Ayurveda: VATA - reduces; PITTA - reduces; KAPHA - neutral. Ingredients: chamomile, fennel, lime flowers, cardamom, barley malt, hibiscus, licorice root, alfalfa (alfa-alpha), raspberry leaves, orange peel, rosehip fruit, cinnamon, ginger, cloves, black pepper. Package: 17 packets (1,8g); 30,6 years
Relax tea (Calming tea) BIO

Relax tea (Calming tea) BIO

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