Mustard seed oil (Duo Ag), 110ml

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Cold pressed mustard seed oil 100%.

Ingredients: The oil contains 60% monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFA), 21% polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA) (6% omega 3 and 15% omega 6) and about 12% saturated fat. Mustard oil contains significant amounts of glucosinolate, which has antimicrobial properties. Mustard seed oil also contains allyl isothiocyanate, which gives it a spicy and pungent taste. It also contains a source of vitamin E - gamma tocopherol (content about 19.82mg per 100g of product).

For health: The oil is rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids, which help lower bad cholesterol and raise good cholesterol. A lower level of cholesterol, triglycerides, fat in the blood will also help to improve the balance, which in turn can prevent obesity, rheumatoid arthritis, kidney diseases, and additionally improves heart health.

Mustard oil is considered antibacterial both internally and externally and antifungal when applied topically. Internally, it can fight bacteria, infections, in the intestines, colon and other parts of the digestive tract.

Externally, it can treat both bacterial and fungal infections when applied directly to the skin. If the skin is dry, inflamed, with rashes, massages with mustard oil to which a little turmeric is added are good. When rubbed into the skin, the oil is easily and deeply absorbed, giving tangible relief to nerves, tense muscles and ligaments. Removes muscle cramps caused by high temperature. Purifies the blood and opens the pores.

Strengthens hair.

Cooking: cooking, baking, fresh salads, various sauces, etc

Cold pressed in Latvia.

Volume: 110 ml

Mustard seed oil (Duo Ag), 110ml

Mustard seed oil (Duo Ag), 110ml

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