Sri Kaala sarpa yantra *

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Kaal sarp is an astralogical condition that results in a "mottled" life from the Rahu and Ketu influence planets. Especially with a career that only achieves modest success after a big fight. However, its effect only lasts for one third of a person's life, after which its effect diminishes. This astrological mascot acts as a barrier to the Kaal Sarp effect and therefore well reduces its effects. Worshiping Kaal Sarp Yantra counteracts the negative effects of Kaal Sarp Yoga. A person born in this yoga will face various problems in life, going through difficult teen years, soul anxiety, business failure, family problems etc. Persons with Kaal Sarp Dosha need to perform puja on Naag-Panchami as well as strengthen the strength of Kaal Sarp Yantra in their at home to guard against the evil effects of Kaal sarp yoga.

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Sri Kaala sarpa yantra *

Sri Kaala sarpa yantra *

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