Urid Dal Whole, 500g* (recommended until: 30.06.2023)

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Black beans are grown in South Asia. Black beans are native to India where they have been cultivated since ancient times and are one of the most valued pulses in India. Similar in size and shape to mung beans. They are very rich in nutrients and like other legumes are recommended for diabetics. They are very popular in Indian cuisine, where they are very often used in various soups and Indian "dhal" dishes. They have a special, rich taste and a sticky consistency when boiled, so in India they are mostly used for preparing various snacks and scones. Together with rice, these beans are used to prepare "dosas" - crispy pancakes, very famous in South India, as well as for making papadams. Beans are also used in curries along with mustard seeds. Before use, they need to be thoroughly rinsed and soaked in water for a couple of hours. Weight: 500g
Urid Dal Whole, 500g* (recommended until: 30.06.2023)

Urid Dal Whole, 500g* (recommended until: 30.06.2023)

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