Incense (Calendula), 5ml

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INCI: Boswellia serrata, 100% pure essential oil.

Country of origin: India

Obtained from the resin of various varieties of Boswellia trees by steam distillation.

It has important aromatherapy applications. Frankincense has been used since ancient times for health promotion and as a cult product. It was offered to the ancient Egyptians by the gods to use as part of embalming processes. The incense has a fresh clean top note and a sweetly warm, balsamic smoky wood aroma. In cosmetics, frankincense improves the overall tone and condition of the skin, promotes blood circulation, has a rejuvenating effect on the skin, and slows down the appearance of wrinkles.

Frankincense promotes deeper breathing, gradually creating a sense of calm. It is active in the lung area. Can be used in inhalations, added to base oil for massages or baths.

Energetic effect: used to protect and strengthen the aura and repel evil forces from the home. Helps to cleanse mentally and inspire. During meditations, negative emotions are eliminated: fear, sadness, confusion, intrusive ideas, giving a feeling of happiness and peace instead of all that. An ancient wisdom oil that helps you learn the secrets of the world and discover your inner self. Promotes spirituality and helps the soul leave the body on exploratory journeys and re-enter it.

Combines well with the essential oils of basil, bergamot, camphor, benzoe, myrrh, orange, cedar, cinnamon, cypress, elemi, geranium, juniper, lavender, mimosa, neroli, patchouli, pine, sandalwood, lemon, rosewood.

Use: put 2-4 drops in water in an aroma lamp or on an aroma stone, napkin, cone, wood or unburnt clay so that the aroma can spread in the room. Add 3-5 drops of vegetable oil or sweet cream to the bath. In rooms where there are small children and infants, take 1/2 smaller doses and observe the child's reaction.

Warnings: in its pure form, corrosive and irritating, in contact with the skin, allergies, skin burns and redness may occur. Do not exceed recommended doses. Do not use orally.

Storage: store in the original packaging, tightly closed, in a dark, cool place, out of the reach of children. 

Volume: 5 ml

Incense (Calendula), 5ml

Incense (Calendula), 5ml

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