Aqualar pH9 + (natural mineral water) 1.5L

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pH (Power of Hydrogen) is a number characterizing acidity and alkalinity (alkalinity-the ability to attract oxygen), ie the concentration of hydrogen ions in the solution. pH is the negative logarithm of hydrogen ion activity, measured from 1 to 14. pH below 7 means the environment is acidic, above 7 it is alkaline.

AQUALAR pH9 + is unique with ph 9,3. Compared to other waters, which normally have a pH of 7 - 7,2.

The total mineralization is low (262 mg / l), so it is classified as light water. If total mineralization is above 300, it is considered as already dull water.

What is the difference between Water with pH 7, pH8 and pH9?

Each subsequent pH section is 10 times more alkaline!

For example, water with pH8 is 10 times more alkaline than pH7, while water with pH9 is 10 times more alkaline than water with pH8, so water with pH9 is exactly 100 times more alkaline (able to attract oxygen) than water with pH7.

What does high pH natural mineral water provide?

Research has shown that raising the pH of the body by only 15% allows the blood to take up to 60% more oxygen to deliver it to the cells. As a result, the cells live much longer, the body grows slower and performs its natural functions to the full.

Almost all diseases have one cause - the acid-alkaline balance is disturbed and the body becomes acidic. It is also the cause of premature aging.

The conclusion is simple: the body must help get rid of this contamination.

Alkaline water with pH 9-9,5 helps to do this. Alkaline water easily penetrates tissues by neutralizing and dissolving the acidic "waste" that the kidneys remove from the body. Such water helps maintain the acid-alkaline balance in the body. It cannot be overdosed as the body consumes only the amount it needs to excrete the urine.

In Japan, one in five families drinks alkaline water every day, and it is used in major medical clinics.

Aqualar pH 9 + pH is 9,3. It is the only water of its kind in the Baltics. For other waters purchased on the Latvian market, the pH ranges between 5,8-7 carbonated, in rare cases non-carbonated within 7-8.

The recommended daily dose for prophylaxis is 0,3 l for every kilogram of 10 body, so on average: 2-3 l per day.

The price is indicated for one piece (1,5L), including a 0.10 euro deposit.

Aqualar pH9 + (natural mineral water) 1.5L

Aqualar pH9 + (natural mineral water) 1.5L

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