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Pimento pepper (whole) BIO, 50g

Allspice looks like real pepper. It is native to Mexico and the West Indies. This pepper is also known by the name - Allspice. The flavor of this pepper is reminiscent of cloves, nutmeg and cinnamon, but is...

Soul Balm Yogi Tea BIO*

Tea for those who seek warmth and security. This delicious Ayurvedic blend with cocoa pods, rooibos and orange. Ingredients: Cinnamon*, licorice*, cocoa pods* (10%), rooibos* (10%), roasted chicory root*, hibiscus*, ginger*, anise...

Tulsi Relax Yogi Tea BIO*

Tulsi is known as "Holy Basil" in Ayurveda. Yogi Tea Tulsi Relax is the perfect Ayurvedic organic tea for those seeking peace in everyday life. This aromatic herb and spice tea provides a special...

Granola with peanuts and cocoa, 300g*

The low sugar content, perfect combination of flavors and high quality ingredients make it the best choice to start the day. Add a little milk and get 15 g of protein in the most delicious way with just one serving. Ingredients:...

Strawberry pudding mix, BIO 150g*

Our recommendation - agave syrup, coconut sugar, erythritol, muscovado sugar, date powder and others. To make one serving you need (10g): 10g pudding mix (1 tbsp) liquid of your choice...

Chocolate pudding mix, 200g*

The chocolate pudding mix is ​​unsweetened so you can choose which sweetener to add. Our recommendation is agave syrup, coconut sugar, erythritol, muscovado sugar, date powder and more. To make one serving, you need (10g):...

Dark chocolate pieces, 200g*

66% of the highest quality Peruvian cacao gives an intense flavor and aroma. Suitable for vegans and sweetened with coconut sugar. An ideal ingredient for cookies, muffins and other desserts. Ingredients: cocoa mass* (51%), coconut sugar* (33%),...

Chocolate pieces with erythritol, 200g*

Rich cocoa flavor and light sweetness. The intense aroma and taste of high-quality cocoa perfectly balances with hazelnuts and the mild sweetness of erythritol. Store in a cool, dry and dark place. Weight: 200g

Cookie with rose water and almonds, 50g*

Cookie with rose water and almonds. Ingredients: Gluten-free oatmeal* (22%), cashews* (21%), coconut syrup*, almonds* (10%), rose drops* (cocoa butter*, unrefined cane sugar*, coconut cream*, coconut flour*, strawberry powder*,...

Chocolate cookie with peanuts, 50g*

Rich peanut flavor and NO added sugar. Vegan, gluten and palm oil free. The cookie is covered with soft chocolate. Ingredients: peanuts* (roasted blanched peanuts*, salt), chocolate without added sugar* (cocoa mass*, hazelnut...

Brownie ball - chocolate and coconut, 40g

The combination of coconut and chocolate chips is NOW combined into a fruit and nut ball! Not only is it delicious, but it's also gluten-free, dairy-free, and with no added refined sugar! Ingredients:...

Quinoa (bloated) BIO, 200g

You can use the puffed quinoa separately or add it to dry breakfasts, desserts, yogurts or salads. Gluten-free. No sugar, no salt. An excellent source of protein. Suitable for vegans and vegetarians. Country of origin: Peru Weight: 200g

Matcha tea making kit*

Matcha tea preparation set. Whisk and spoon made of bamboo. The whisk holder is made of ceramic. The set includes: whisk, spoon and whisk holder. Spoon size: length 18 cm Whisk: length 10 cm; diameter 6 cm Holder:...

Tibetan braid incense sticks - Cedar, 50 pcs.

Nepalese incense sticks are made from plants found in the Himalayas. The composition includes white and red sandalwood, licorice, spikenard, cinnamon, cloves and other herbs. It is widely used in stupas, temples and living rooms to create...

Holder for "Backflow" aromatic cones* Stones

Holder for "Backflow" aromatic cones. Material: ceramic Weight: 125g (price for 1 piece)

Yoga mat restorer for natural rubber (Manduka), 237ml*

Natural rubber yoga mat refurbishing uses 100% naturally derived ingredients to maintain the performance of your natural rubber yoga mat. This restorer can be used on any natural rubber yoga mat. Made,...

Yoga mat cleaner and freshener (Manduka), 237ml*

Yoga Mat Wash & Refresh uses 100% naturally derived ingredients designed to keep your yoga mat smelling fresh and stain free. Designed with twice the efficiency to...

Yoga mat cleaner Botanical (Manduka), 237ml*

Yoga mat cleaner - Botanical is a completely natural plant-based solution with thymol that thoroughly cleans and kills 99,9% of bacteria and does not require rinsing or wiping after use. Yoga mat cleaners...

Roo'Bar sour cherry, 30g*

INFORMATION: Contains cashew nuts and fruit particles. Gluten free. No added sugar. Intended for vegans. This product contains only natural fruit sugar. Weight: 30g

Coconut chips with salted caramel, 40g*

Coconut chips from organic certified agriculture in Sri Lanka. Gluten-free and no synthetic ingredients added. Airy, crunchy and absolutely guilt-free! 100% natural treat! Ingredients: toasted coconut chips 84%; coconut flower nectar...
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