Carnelian (serdoliks) mal

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Carnelian edge - for luck and comfort.

Carnelian is an opaque, cloudy reddish type of quartz. Carnelian can be found in a range of colors from red to orange and sometimes even dark brown. Long known as a powerful stone to focus attention on the present. Carnelian is an excellent choice for meditation. Because it is meant for mental balance and creative processes to stimulate curiosity and initiative. It serves as an aid to discovering personal energy as well as inner perceptiveness. Carnelian edge can be used to promote clear thinking, understanding. Helps in self-affirmation.

Carnelian stone was used in ancient times to heal and promote indigestion. Carnelian has the following powerful properties: it helps to warm and purify the blood, stimulate appetite, emotions, passion, sexuality, psychic energy, the reproductive system, prevent menstrual cramps, inflammation of the joints. Beneficial for the gallbladder, pancreas. Helps you feel comfortable in your surroundings. Maintains a connection with the past or with historical events. Helps to achieve greater success in career or personal matters and also helps people who meditate.

Historically also used to expel excessive fever. Strongly affects the reproductive organs. Purifies blood, liver and is recommended for lower back problems. An Egyptian and Tibetan religious stone that activates the lower chakras. It brings energy and fire, increases psychic energy, personal power and invokes joy, laughter and sincerity that opens your heart.

The chakra in question is the Sacral Chakra.
A total of 108 + 1 balls.
There are no nodes between them.
The size of the ball is about: 6mm

Carnelian (serdoliks) mal

Carnelian (serdoliks) mal

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