Smoky Quartz Edge*

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The name smoky quartz is derived from the earlier name "rauchtopaz". Often this stone and its variations are found with the names: rauththase, morion, raccoon quartz, kerngorm, smoky rock crystal, smoky topaz.

Smoky quartz is a type of quartz. Its color tends to be golden - brownish, light gray, dark brownish black.

Medicinal properties

It is believed that thanks to this stone it is possible to get rid of serious mental problems, such as depression, obsessive thoughts, thoughts of suicide. For the stone to work, it is recommended to carry it with you on a daily basis and at a time when the problems of squeezing it in the palm of your hand are getting worse and you need to turn to it for help.

This stone is also an indispensable healer of addictions, it will help to get rid of addictions such as drug addiction, alcoholism and smoking.

It helps to get rid of inner complexes and purify consciousness.

Using smoky quartz for good purposes, it is able to activate a person's initial instincts, make a person more viable, more stable, more masculine, one who can cope with any obstacles.

A person becomes sexually active, energetic and tireless at work!
As a mascot this stone is able to give its master the wisdom of humanity, develop the talents given by nature, attract success and promote the sympathy of the people around him.

The edge is made by the traditional method of tying a knot behind each ball.
Number of balls: 108 + 1 (extreme)
Ball size: 6mm

Smoky Quartz Edge*

Smoky Quartz Edge*

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