Glass (copper), 250ml

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Copper glass.

Copper water vessels have long been used in India. The water is stored in a copper vessel to balance all three doshas (Pitta, Vatta, Kapha).

We recommend regularly rinsing the copper glass with warm water. For a thorough cleaning, you can also clean it with warm water and a drop of liquid soap and then rinse well. Copper oxidizes over time, which can cause discoloration inside and out. It is a completely natural process that does not harm health, nor does it negatively affect the quality of drinking water. If the spots of this build-up bother you, simply put a pinch of salt, baking powder or a small amount of vinegar on a lemon slice and gently scrub the spots. Then simply rinse with clean water and dry well.

Note: Please use only clean cold water. Allow it to dry well. Do not wash the dishwasher. Copper is a very soft material and should not be transported with solid objects, otherwise dents or scratches may occur.

Volume: 250 ml
Material: copper

Country of origin: India

Glass (copper), 250ml
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Glass (copper), 250ml

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