Rudraksh edge 8 mm

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Rudraksha mala - tied in traditional style with knots between the balls. Rudraksha edges are believed to have many healing properties. Rudraksha mala helps open the heart chakra. It is good for meditation and protection. Legend has it that Shiva woke up after a thousand years of meditation and started to cry when he looked at the world. His tears crystallized into seeds and from them grew the first Rudraksha tree.
How to use and care for Rudraksha Mala. It is recommended to put the edge on for the first time (like a necklace) on Monday. When going to bed, remove the edge and put it on the home altar. When you travel, you should go to bed with the whole edge. In the morning after ablution, hold the mala in your right hand and recite the respective mantra 108 times. Do not wear the edge during menstruation. Also, don't wear them during mourning. Rudraksha edge is very durable. If properly cared for, it can last for eight generations. The edge can be washed in warm soapy water and left to dry naturally. It is not recommended to soak it for a long time.
Rudraksha balls can be from 3 to 40 mm in size.
The size of the balls has nothing to do with the edge effect.

The size of the ball is about 7-8 mm.
Knots between the balls.

Rudraksh edge 8 mm

Rudraksh edge 8 mm

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