Nataraja, Dancing Shiva, 20cm

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A very symbolic and much telling sculpture.
Each of its elements has a deep meaning. These are the most important elements:
 1. Chennai Srishti: The first vibrations. Srishti or creation: Nataraja's rear left arm carries an hourglass-shaped drum, a damur whose vibrations create the universe. Some confuse it with the Big Bang of cosmic creation.
2. Samhara: Light up in essence. Samhara or Destruction: A raised, rear right arm carries the atrophied fire in a shapeless position for regeneration only. In this sense, it is a fire of transformation, not destruction. It means constant change, echoing the Buddhist decree "There is no being, there is only becoming." 
3. Sthithi or maintenance / protection: The open hand in the front hand indicates confidence: for constant cosmic overhaul. There is nothing to fear; the changes are normal and I'm here to protect you.
4. Tirobhava or concealment: The hidden lower left hand facing down says that he is the creator of the veil of Maya, illusions or ignorance.
5. Anugraha, or Blessing or Liberation: The raised left foot, together with the closed hand, signifies the opportunity available to the seeker: moksa, or liberation from ignorance and, indirectly, from the cycle of birth and death.
6. Apasmara: Defeat your inner demons. The dwarf demon at Nataraja's feet represents the evils of ignorance and ego that can be sprung up if one is to rise to a higher level of self-realization.
7. Circle of Fire: The frame around Nataraja is May, an illusion experienced by the cyclical phenomenon of birth and death.

Please note that this is handmade and each figure is slightly different in engraving and execution!
If you want to choose, be sure to go to the store!

Height: 20cm
Brass, India

Nataraja, Dancing Shiva, 20cm

Nataraja, Dancing Shiva, 20cm

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