Sri Yantra sticker (2), double sided

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This universal yantra can become a talisman of protection, as well as help solve any specific task! Sri Yantra - very attractive and powerful. It is the geometrical image of Goddess Sri or Tripurasundari, which symbolizes Shakti energy and gives us spiritual and material abundance, prosperity and wealth. The yantra consists of nine triangles intersected around the bindu point: 4 of them with their vertices up (Shiva energy) and the other 5 with their vertices down (Shakti energy).

Even a momentary gaze fixation on this yantra inhibits the activity of the left hemisphere, which is responsible for logic and analysis, but activates the right hemisphere, which is associated with creativity and intuition.

Sri Yantra:

  • brings abundance of energy, as well as wealth and wealth
  • protects against negative influences, calms the mind and harmonizes the space
  • prevents Vastu defects in the house
The diameter of the sticker is 10.5 cm.
Sri Yantra sticker (2), double sided

Sri Yantra sticker (2), double sided

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