Cinnamon powder (Ground Ceylon cinnamon), 100g

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Ceylon cinnamon.

It is especially recommended for debilitated and middle-aged people, as cinnamon gives strength, treats urinary tract diseases and strengthens the heart. It has a stimulating, diaphoretic, blood-purifying anti-cold effect. A good remedy for gas accumulation in the intestines.

Lowers cholesterol. Studies have found that only ½ tsp. daily use of cinnamon can lower LDL substances called bad cholesterol - molecules with a high fat content, delaying the occurrence of atherosclerosis and other cardiovascular diseases. 

Regulates blood sugar levels Several research results show that the active substances in cinnamon stimulate insulin receptors and increase the ability of cells to use glucose, reducing its level in the blood. Research is ongoing to discover how it can be used by people with type XNUMX diabetes without compromising their health.

Treats Infections Research has shown cinnamon's amazing ability to stop yeast infections (it also helps with thrush, which is common in women). The substances contained in cinnamon essential oil stop the growth of various microorganisms: bacteria and fungi, in cases where they are insensitive even to chemical medicinal substances, cinnamon extract can defeat them. Cancer Prevention A study conducted by the US Department of Agriculture found that cinnamon reduces the spread of leukemia and lymphoma cancer cells.

Prevents blood clots This spice has an antithrombotic effect in the blood. The composition of cinnamon is able to affect platelets in the blood, which participate in the blood clotting process. If, as a result of various factors, there is an increased clumping of platelets, interfering with normal blood circulation, the cinnamic aldehyde present in cinnamon (a component of cinnamon essential oil, which gives various products this smell and taste) helps to regulate this process, preventing clots.

Arthritis Pain Relief In a study at the University of Copenhagen, arthritis patients were given ½ teaspoon each morning before breakfast. cinnamon powder in combination with 1 tsp. honey. The results of the experiment proved that this remedy significantly alleviated the pain caused by arthritis after just one week.

Antibacterial effect When added to food, cinnamon suppresses bacterial growth and food spoilage, making the spice a natural food preservative.

For the health of the brain, the aroma of cinnamon is able to promote cognitive function, or cognition and thinking, as well as improve memory. Research is ongoing to discover the ability of this aroma to help people with mental illness.

Weight: 100g

Country of origin: Sri Lanka

Cinnamon powder (Ground Ceylon cinnamon), 100g

Cinnamon powder (Ground Ceylon cinnamon), 100g

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