Yoga and Sales*

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As I wrote at the beginning of the book, the idea of ​​writing the book was my conscious decision and practice of giving. In the fall of 2014, I was invited to speak at the "Sales formula" conference, where I talked about my experience in sales. Considering that theoretical conversations often leave nothing lasting and meaningful, my story was based only on practical examples, or what I have experienced myself in sales work.

After the conference, I received feedback about the usefulness of my story and the desire to try the given recommendations in life. For example, breathing techniques, chanting positive affirmations and coaching made conference participants interested in learning more about them. Guided by intuition, I decided to describe my sales, yoga and coaching experience in more detail. Interestingly, writing for myself turned out to be so exciting that I could not stop, so the next decision was to put it all into a book. I wrote while living at home with my second child, and it turned into a special ritual because I only did it when I had a free moment and inspiration. It's clear that for moms, free time and inspiration are quite incompatible concepts, and it was the same for me when there were shorter and longer intervals between the creation of the book.

As for the topicality of the topic, recently, when talking with people who come to yoga classes, I see more and more how challenging it is to combine work and the spiritual sphere in practice. This time is so dynamic and fast, and there is so much information that finding your own approach is not easy at all. Similarly, the person who has focused on spiritual development has to force himself to be in an active business routine every day, where "work drives work".

The book "Yoga and Sales" contains many different practical examples that I have tested myself. The three "whales" - sales, coaching and yoga teach me to be conscious, and there are various practices through which I managed to achieve better results in business and in my personal life. Please select the language of the book!

Yoga and Sales*
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Yoga and Sales*

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