Linseed, 250g

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Whole flax seeds.

For general health and prevention, it is recommended to regularly consume whole and crushed flaxseeds by adding them to food. It is considered desirable to use no less than 5 grams per day, and for therapeutic purposes - 50 g per day, over several months.

Linseeds are flattened in appearance, with a smooth, shiny surface, lighter or darker brown and contain 35-45% oil.

Flax seeds also contain a lot of complete proteins (18-33%), which contain practically all essential amino acids, carbohydrates (12-26%), vitamins A, B, E, F. Linseeds contain vitamin F, which the body cannot synthesize on its own. Vitamin E in seeds is 120-140 mg per 100 g.

Unlike other seeds and nuts, 100 grams of flaxseed has a significant amount of 35 to 35% fiber, which is the amount you need to take in daily!

Flax seeds contain macronutrients (mg/g) – potassium (up to 15), calcium (up to 5), magnesium (about 4), iron (about 0,1); microelements - copper, magnesium, zinc, aluminum, selenium, nickel, iodine, boron.

Weight: 250g

Country of origin: Poland

Linseed, 250g

Linseed, 250g

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