Saraswati powder, 100g

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Saraswati powder, 100g

Ayurveda describes this herbal powder as one that unlocks and promotes knowledge, wisdom, artistic and musical talents, creativity and inspiration in a person. All these qualities are embodied and symbolized by the Hindu goddess Saraswati, after whom this herbal powder is named. The plant powder formula has a harmonizing effect on the human mind, body and soul.

Ingredients: ashwagandha, kalme, shankapushpi, cumin, black salt, long pepper, ajwain, ginger.

Usage: by ½ - 1 tsp. twice a day after meals by drinking or mixing with warm water. Suitable for taking mixed with honey or ghee butter. 

Storage: Store tightly closed in a cool, dry place, away from direct heat or sunlight, out of the reach of children. Use within 3 months after opening.

A warningi: Plant powder does not replace a full and balanced diet and cannot be considered as a medicine. In certain cases (pregnancy, breastfeeding period, serious illnesses), it is recommended to consult a specialist about use and dosage.

Weight: 100g

Country of origin: Indija

You can find more information about plants, their advantages and application possibilities on the Internet, in books and from specialists. 

Saraswati powder, 100g

Saraswati powder, 100g

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