Ginkgo tea BIO

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This tea is also called "Temple Tea" in ancient China because no herb is as respected and protected as Ginkgo. Sage and healing ginkgo leaves are the guardian of our mental health and longevity. The unique benefit of this tea is the ginkgo plant which is a balanced and effective Ayurvedic formula containing herbs from India.

Joga: For mental clarity. Sit cross-legged, free your right hand on the knee. Close the left nostril with the thumb of the left hand. Breathe slowly only through the right nostril, close your eyes. Focus on your breathing for 3 minutes. Sit up straight and take a few breaths and relax.

Preparation: For a perfect tea infusion, pour 300ml of freshly boiled water into the tea bag. Allow to infuse for 4 - 6 minutes, or longer for a stronger taste. Gently squeeze the tea bag so that the active ingredients are fully released into the water.

Ayurveda: VATA - neutral; PITTA - reduces; KAPHA - neutral.

Ingredients: ginko* (15%), ginger*, lemongrass* (15%), licorice*, mint*, lemon verbena* (8%), basil*, lemon balm*, cardamom*, black pepper*. *-organically certified. Srestrains licorice - people who suffer from hypertension should avoid excessive use.

Packaging: 17 packets (1,8g); 30,6g*

Made in Germany

German packaging of tea called Klarer Geist. Composition identical to Ginko.

Ginkgo tea BIO

Ginkgo tea BIO

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